“I have known Jeff for over 10 years.  He is a brilliant attorney with impeccable ethics and character. It's a true privilege to work with him.”

-- Tom O’Connell, O’Connell Sports Management


"Jeff's combination of keen intellect and integrity is distinctive in this high stakes business of baseball.  His sincere devotion to his faith and work set a standard very few can aspire to, never mind attain.  I can always count on Jeff for clear, honest, and expert counsel."

-- David Meter, SportsMeter (Attorney/Agent)


“In my 22 years of representing professional baseball players, I have had the chance to work with numerous lawyers on grievance proceedings, arbitration analysis and contract negotiation.  In the simplest terms, Jeff is the best I have ever worked with, hands down.  His understanding of the arbitration process itself is unparalleled. Jeff’s intelligent, informed, sincere, no-nonsense approach to the process is not only refreshing, but is extremely effective.”

-- Mike Nicotera, Senior Partner, The Sparta Group, LLC.


“Jeff Fannell is an incredible asset when we conduct negotiations at John Boggs and Associates.  He brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and professionalism in all arbitration preparation and negotiations.  Having Jeff’s expertise on our team has proven to be an incredible advantage.”

--John Boggs, President, John Boggs & Associates


“Jeff Fannell is of extreme value to those of us working on behalf of Major League Baseball players.  He is intelligent, thorough, hard-working and most of all, he is a man of integrity.  It is a blessing to have Jeff as part of my professional and personal life.”

--Larry Reynolds, President, Reynolds Sports Management


"You can rely on Jeff's expertise.  He is extremely bright, meticulous, and a pleasure to work with – an invaluable partner in the arbitration process.”

-- Rich Thompson (former Major Leaguer), Attorney and Certified Agent


“In my 24 years of representing players, Jeff Fannell stands out as a person of character and wisdom. Jeff’s experience and insights into negotiations and labor law have been extremely valuable to my practice and my clients. Not only is Jeff thorough, dependable, fair and strong, but he is also well respected by all.”

-- Steve Hammond, President, Aegis Sports Management 


"Jeff brings an unprecedented level of passion, preparation, knowledge and integrity to his work. He is also a ‘team player’ and will provide whatever you need to help you maximize your client's earning power.”

-- Steve Canter, President, Pro Edge Sports Management


Jeff’s advice has been invaluable to my practice in helping me navigate the nuances of Major League Baseball.  His unique experience and skill set, along with his attention to detail and loyalty are second to none."

-- Dave Meier (Retired Major League Player), President, EnterSport LLC